Friday, December 27, 2013

Can Those Mystical Mpingo Pucks Work On the AN214 IC Amplifier?

Known for its ability to improve the sound of every hi-fi amplifier in an inexplicable Peter W. Belt style, can those “mystical” Mpingo pucks do audiophile wonders on the AN214 IC amplifier? 

By: Vanessa Uy 

It may be have Shun Mook that first made a name for themselves in the hi-fi world with those “mystical” wooden Mpingo pucks of various shapes and sizes that inexplicably – as in a mysterious Peter W. Belt style effect – improves the sound quality of every electronic equipment, tube or solid-state. But can those “mystical” Mpingo pucks be used to improve the sound quality of the “lowly” AN214 IC amplifier? 

Made from Mpingo – an African Blackwood, a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae – Mpingo wood is often harvested from slow-growing African swampwood. Though its harvesting is tightly regulated to avoid endangering the overall population of this rather rare swampwood, most of Mpingo’s applications is with those mystical wooden pucks manufactured by Shun Mook that inexplicably improves the sound of electronic audio equipment whenever the wooden pieces came in contact with it. 

Even though the executives at Shun Mook are yet to roll out their version of these Mpingo wooden pucks for use with various integrated circuit-based power amplifiers – like the AN214 – often found in use in entry-level multi-channel surround sound ready home theater equipment, it might provide an audible improvement for this family of entry level power amplifiers. As in perhaps an overall increase in overall musicality?